Time to Update the Directory!

We were ALL a lot younger the last time we had a church directory! You know… it USED to be that families just PLANNED on dressing up every few years to get professionally made pictures. Sometimes, you’d buy a big one to put in your house or give to a grandparent – or you might get some wallet size copies… you know, to always have a picture with you. But now? With all the technology we have at our fingertips... We ALWAYS have current pictures with us.
The truth is, digital directories are now much more about connecting as a church family. With our busy lives that are going 100 miles an hour all the time, it’s hard to know who’s who – and this new kind of church directory is a tool for getting to know each other. It ALSO allows us to almost instantly add new members to that directory.
Signups start 4/21 and pictures will be taken on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the first two weekends in May. You can sign up below or at church on Sundays but PLEASE commit to being a part of this. It’s an incredibly important tool for growth and we need EVERYONE to participate.

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